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My name is Rob and welcome to my side hustle. I’m a husband and a dad of three teenagers. I work full time as a Creative Director at my church and this business started from a hobby gone wild. Several years ago I started to figure out that I love to build things out of wood. I made my girls matching captain’s beds (my wife rejoiced - storage!) from a plan I found online and I was hooked. There have been a lot of projects since then and now I have my own shop where the man-glitter (read: sawdust) flies like confetti and I don’t get in trouble for making a mess in the garage.

Rushma Creative is the business I’ve created to share my craft with you and your family. I love the pieces that I create and build. I know you’ll love having them in your home.

Oh, and I’m also into photography. Check out my gallery if you’d like to have some Rob Dunham original artwork in your home.


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